SPACE JAM at Mission Creek Festival

April 6-10, 2016
Iowa City, IA

SPACE JAM was a FREE temporary creative space designed to facilitate shared experiences & unexpected interactions, celebrate diversity, play and participation, and offer a respite in between Mission Creek events.

The Reading Room & Lounge featured over 150 small-press publications, artist books, zines, and experimental printed matter submitted by over 50 artists, writers, poets, and presses from an open call. We also offered a series of FREE zine workshops and an activity space with materials & instructions to make a zine on-the-spot.

Zine workshop facilitators: Kevynne Wimberley, Aurora Green, Alea Adigweme, Taylor Yocom, Michelle Moode, Giovana Valdez & Breanne Trammell, Amanda Lechner

The Free Family Portrait Studio was open to ALL types of families. Dinkholt & Heinbar* staged family portraits in collaboration with each family. Each family received a FREE 8" x 10" print and access to a digital copy of their portrait.

*Dinkholt & Heinbar is the collaborative moniker of my work with Jeff Barnett-Winsby.

Click below for documentation:
Reading Room & Lounge
Zines Workshops
Free Family Portrait Studio B-Roll

Reading Room Artists & Authors & Poets:
**Alexandra Janezic, Amanda Benton Amey, Amanda D'Amico, Amanda Maciuba, Amy Burek, Amze Emmons, Anita Balkun, Anne Mulvey, Art Young's Good Morning, Astrid Bowlby, Billimarie Robinson, Carolyn Figel, Cecilia Fletcher, **Chrissy Cooper, Claire Rosen, Claire Sanders, Cracker Jack Kid, Daniel Glendening, *Dave Dugan, Dinkholt & **Heinbar, Douglas Eberhardt & Lauren Lowery, Erin Sweeney, **Heidi Wiren Bartlett, **Ian Huebert, **Jay Schleidt, Jon Flannery, Jon Henry, John Deason, *Joseph Heuermann, *Kevynne Wimberley, Klaus Pinter, Laura Winton, Lauren Dionne, Leah Makin, Levi Sherman, Lindsey Brown, Lydia Moyer, Marlys Caceres, Mary Arnett, Mary Wharff, Megan Lee, Michael Krasowitz, Michelle Leftheris, **Nichole Schappert, Nora Raggio & Nanette Wylde, Penelope Anstruther, Pilar Nadal, Rachel Kobasa, *Ryan Bentzinger , *Rich Dana, Sage Perrott, Sarah Rose LeJeune & Sofie Ghitman, Sarita Zaleha, Sean Simonson, Stacy Kirages, Stephanie Gonzales, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord, Sunghee Pae, Taylor Yocom, Tim O'Brien, *Tyler Luetkehans, Veronica D'Auria, Will Arnold, Woody Leslie, Zak Neumann

Collectives & Presses:
Awkward Ladies Club, Cryptogram, **Digraph Press, Directangle Press, Endless Editions, Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, Moan Lisa Press, *Obsolete Press, Odd Even, Jet Black Press, Phase Seven Comics, **Prompt Press, Spooky Boobs Collective, Tan & Loose, Work Press & Publication

*Exhibiting at I C E C R E A M at Public Space One
**Iowa City-based

Space Jam was organized with Candida Pagan and produced as Mission Creek's Visual Art programming. Special thanks to the City of Iowa City, Jim Bell, and all of our wonderful volunteers!

#SPACEJAMMM on Instagram

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