BAD AS I WANNA BE, 2014-2015

Suite of monotypes/monoprints with hot-stamped foil
Dimensions vary

Solo Exhibition at Prairie Lights
February 2–March 1, 2015


“[Dennis Rodman] is one of the best defensive players ever. Duh.” –Breanne Trammell

He is also the Frank Zappa of the NBA. Frank Zappa didn’t do any drugs (he tried smoking pot 10 times but did not receive any pleasure from it and you have to admire the effort) and neither did Dennis Rodman. The general public thought they were crazy and their general wackiness could only be described as the result of drug use or other nefarious activities, but alas this was incorrect.

“I thought I hated Sports for a really long time.” –Breanne Trammell

I thought I hated art for a really long time.

“I didn’t grow up around art, period. It’s taken me a while but now I understand and appreciate that Sports was my family’s way of creating culture and community. That sense of community is something I crave and actively try to honor.” –Breanne Trammell

A ball doesn’t go through a cylinder and a grown man with a little mustard on his teeth begins to cry and it reminds him of nothing. He is empty now. Then his team makes a miraculous comeback and the balls are going through the cylinder every time and he begins to laugh and high five and still it reminds him of nothing but his hand is sore from all the high-fives.

“I use IKB and cheeto orange whenever possible.” –Breanne Trammell

Yves Klein patented a specific kind of blue called INTERNATIONAL KLEIN BLUE (IKB) and it’s beautiful. He also jumped into the void once from his second story apartment window. How can you ever touch the unknown without seduction? Foil imaging is the most seductive art form! And when I see a foiled image of Dennis Rodman jumping into stands to catch a loose ball it reminds me of all the things I haven’t touched.

“I love the snack element of any kind of sporting event. I finally understand what a “down” means in football and I recently played intramural competitive cornhole.” –Breanne Trammell

Maybe sports are to snacking as art is to failing. You can be excused in eating those cheetos and beer-brats in the same way that the artist is one who dares fail like no other. It doesn’t take much of an excuse to be as bad as you want to be.

by Kyle Peets

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